No amount of “tactics” or “strategy” will compensate for a poor product- and even if you get away with it, it’ll catch up to you (see: Jordan Belfort going to prison).
When it comes to working with clients, I’m highly selective of who I work with and the reason is just that- I can’t sell something that people don’t want.
Before I used to take on just anyone. It damaged my self-esteem because I’d take on people that had no good product. I could create the best ads on Earth, get them affordable, qualified leads, but then wouldn’t close the deal.
At first I thought they it was something I was doing wrong- now I realize that sometimes, it really isn’t your fault.
If you’re marketing for other people’s businesses (like I am), then make sure you only take on people providing legitimate value that deliver what they promise.
If you’re marketing your own business, make sure your product/service provides REAL value to customers.
Without the fundamental base step of offering value, no amount of marketing will work…
Obviously some companies get away from this, but I feel that it always catches up to them- with time.
Do you agree/disagree?