Should you do what you’re passionate about? Now, I don’t know.
On one hand passion fuels you with excitement and energy incomparable to any other activity. It’s a quick-fix to flow states, where you can be optimally productive. It’s also quite fulfilling.
It doesn’t mean that you’re gonna put money on the table if you “follow your passion” down to the tee.
I’m not even talking about the silly comeback of “oh but I’m passionate about partying and I can’t get paid doing that.”
I mean literally picking a niche you are passionate about in business.
For example, I spent months working on on an unnamed niche that I was extremely passionate about. But this niche had a ridiculously low budget and the people were not business-minded.
I could explain everything to them. Step 1, do this. Step 2, do that. Step 3, profit like crazy. Yet they’d still (in general) be lazy.
One woman scheduled a call with me, but neglected to fill out the pre-call application. So I cancelled the call and told her to fill it out. Then she filled it out and put a monthly budget of $100 per month to invest to grow her business.
When I cancelled that second call and wrote her a kind message explaining that the ad cost alone will be significantly greater than $100 per month, she wrote back a very negative/angry message to me.
WTF? Do you really expect me to work my ass off for $25 per week? $5 per day?
My passion for this niche has its limits. I REALLY want to help this niche grow because it has personally benefited me and the impact on the world is HUGE and POSITIVE.
But I can’t help people that are drowning that don’t want to improve.
Now take the opposite of passion: scummy, sketchy businesses.
Last night me and Ron Dailey were talking business ideas, and we joked about some highly sketchy, slightly unethical business ideas.
In the middle of one of the ideas we were joking about, TWO PEOPLE came up to us and joined the conversation indicating serious interest in the product/topic we were describing!
I won’t say what the product was, but it would be an extremely fear-based product with insanely high margins and provide little legitimate value to people BUT… as indicated over the course of our conversation, the topic was HOT and people would BUY.
I don’t want to sell out and lose my values- I want to be as ethical as possible. But WOW, sometimes it is the most ridiculous of things that actually work.
Now I’m not saying it’s ethics vs. money here- both can be combined.
The deeper point here is that in business- or anything in life- you have to meet people where they’re at.
You have to give value, but the value has to be relatable; you could sell the cure for every disease on Earth but not everyone would buy it… Some people are insistent in their suffering.
Who knows, maybe it’s my fault- maybe I need to improve my messaging, or find higher-level people in that niche… Or maybe I’ll just switch niches. We’ll see.
So should you do what you’re passionate about?
I think to an extent yes. I love digital marketing. I love the travel and freedom it provides me. And if I work with ethical companies, I can make a huge impact in the world.
At the same time what I do has to be actively desired by the audience I am selling to. What YOU are passionate about may not be what the WORLD is passionate about.
The hard part is finding that wonderful mix.
I don’t want to be a starving artist, passionate yet hungry on the streets. I don’t want to be a ruthless businessman void of values and ethics.
Peace is found in the mix of yin and yang, left and right, of spiritually-guided ethics AND business-mindedness. Find that, and the keys to abundance will be yours.