One of the biggest mistakes I see consistently made on people’s marketing campaigns is a complete lack of scientific testing.
You have multiple stages of the funnel, and multiple variables at each point in the sales funnel.
“Top ad” is the first awareness ad people see- variables include placement, CTA, image, and ad copy.
“Warm ads” or the retargeting of the awareness ads have all the same variables.
Then you have your landing pages, Email follow-ups, sales processes, etc.
It’s extremely important you become deeply scientific in the way that you approach marketing (or anything in business).
So many people are talking about “facebook ads vs. google ads,” or “instagram vs. Facebook,” when really EVERYTHING works it’s just that you have to master one platform!
If you don’t understand the fundamentals of the scientific method and how to be calm when investing money, you will not succeed by switching to another ad platform.
In fact you will be sabotaging the progress you already made on the previous platform! You will have to waste time learning a new platform!
The platform (Google, FB, Reddit) may change but the fundamentals of business + marketing remain the same.
At the end of the day if you can’t succeed in one, you won’t succeed by blindly switching to another.
You succeed in one by becoming deeply scientific and testing properly.
For many of you, this will mean increasing your ad budget and reducing your lifestyle costs.
Too many people have these ridiculous $5 per day budgets and that’s not enough to get statistically significant data!
You’re better off doing something else until you can properly invest in ads.
I won’t tell you now how to do the scientific method- you can research that yourself.
The concept is simple: you test one variable at a time, measure the results, then repeat. You create a hypothesis and attempt to succeed in validating the hypothesis.
For example, “I hypothesize that THIS ad copy will perform better and get more clicks than THAT.”
If you’re right- good. Now you try improve your conversion rates, and continue this process until you’re printing money off of ads.
It’s not that “Facebook doesn’t work” or Google or this or that or anything- it’s that you haven’t tested enough!
Once you test enough, you will succeed- just stay persistent and keep a level head and you’ll be fine (: