Do you need ultra-professional ad images for optimal marketing results?
No, and it is in fact quite the opposite.
THIS image is my best-converting Facebook ad image. It was taken with a $200 Chinese phone by a friend with no intention of using it as an ad, until I decided to run a little experiment.
To my amazement, this image exactly as it is performed best of all the advertisements I made.
I’ve noticed similar trends- people are automatically turning their eye away from banners, text overlay, and too-professional looking photos that are obviously ads.
This vulnerable, authentic photo appears more like a friend sitting down across from you saying, “hey can I help you get some leads for your business?”
It’s good to have *some* professional photos, but my data is revealing that clients & customers prefer an authentic, personable voice over some large business that just wants to make a quick buck.
I’ve felt for a while now that the marketing industry is going through a certain revolution- people prefer authentic, simple photos over high-budget TV ads that everyone zones out of anyways.
At the very least what you can take away from this is that you don’t need that professional of a photographer, and even your simplest of photos could be all you need to run an awesome ad campaign.
What are your thoughts on this?
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