In this past year I’ve made a big push to refine my standard of ethics & morals. I believe that life in a way is like a mirror, and you get what you put out.
This has really stung in some ways. I’ve had to delete all kinds of songs I downloaded, videos I downloaded, etc. stuff that I didn’t pay for.
For some reason in our modern society we have all kinds of weird rationalizations for getting internet things for free. It’s really messed up because it devalues the work of the creators that made it.
If you just do a simple search such as “is downloading songs illegally okay Reddit” you’ll see a ton of Reddit posts of people justifying stealing songs! As a former musician of 12+ years, I can tell you that music production is time-intensive and extremely difficult.
We all want to make more money. But the strange thing is, we rationalize stealing other people’s hard work. How can you seriously expect to make money yourself, when you take from others the money which they deserve?
I also found that you don’t value the things you don’t pay for.
Example: a friend recently gifted me with a course that teaches you cool new digital marketing tricks. As I went through it, I realized just how awesome it was.
But then I realized something: how can I expect myself to sell anything if I don’t buy anything?
It’s a little fucked up to effectively steal another man’s work then expect others to purchase my work and Facebook Ads.
So despite having access to the course for free, I purchased it. I got my own legal copy.
And suddenly, I started taking the course 10x more seriously. I PAID for the knowledge and secrets inside of it, so I damn well had to apply what I learned to get my money’s worth.
The same is true with music. You don’t value music that you download for free. It gets old fast.
But when you purchase it, well you’re invested in the music and so you enjoy it 10x more. You notice every note, every special effect, every background noise which you never could’ve heard before because you cared so little for the song as to not buy it.
Yeah it kinda sucks trying to live by new ethics. My bank account doesn’t want to pay for things which I always used to give myself for free. But I know it’s the right thing to do.
Hell, even on a national economy level it’s NECESSARY we start doing this. The economy simply will not spin if we just copy each other’s work and take without giving.
Anyways, there are services like Spotify that you let you listen to all kinds of music for an extremely cheap price, or Netflix which lets you watch all kinds of movies at a very affordable rate.
I’m not saying you have to buy every movie, song, etc. outright. That could total in the hundreds or thousands very quickly.
All I’m saying is that if you want to be successful, then you should help others be successful by not taking from them what they have created.
Pay for the songs in some way. Don’t download things illegally.
Pay for everything you do because only once you can be sold will you be able to sell. Until then, you won’t grow your business, because deep down you know that you have not helped anyone else’s business.