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Organic Lead-Generation Specialist Application Questions

Contact Info: 

What is your target monthly income in USD through working with us? 

How many hours per week do you intend to dedicate towards this position? 

How long do you want to work with Marketing The Universe? 

In your own words, describe what the Organic Lead Generation Specialist position does

What is your key objective as the Organic Lead-Generation Specialist? 

How often do you want to get paid? 

Fill in the blank: You get paid $___ per WHAT? as the Organic Lead Generation Specialist. 

In order to achieve your monthly income goal, how many qualified sales calls do you need to schedule for us per month? 

Who is our Ideal Client that you should be looking for? 

If you come across a situation in which you don't know what to do, what will you do? 

How confident do you feel in your ability to achieve your monthly income goal through this job? 

What is an example of an ideal client or niche you could outreach to that is NOT described on the guide? 

What is an example of a client that is not a good fit for Marketing The Universe's services? 

What service(s) does Marketing The Universe provide to clients? How do we help them? 

How soon would you like to get started? 

Why should you get this position over other applicants? 

Do you have any questions about this position, concerns, or thoughts I should hear? 

Finally, is there anything else you feel I should know?