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Book Recommendations + Course Recap


Hey there- Michael here!

As promised here is your list of book recommendations. We covered a lot of content in the course and these books will help solidify a lot of what was taught.

Before I give the book summary, let’s again go over the bullet points of the course.

I’ve also uploaded the entire course re-cap with descriptions & other information to my website which you can access by clicking HERE.

For the complete list of action steps, click HERE.

Lesson I- What Most Get Wrong About Marketing

  • They won’t “come if you build it.” You need to be an active participant in spreading the message about your product or service
  • Don’t take opinions from unqualified persons such as friends or family.
  • Cold market data is key to success- let the tests & results show for themselves
  • You need to test everything.

Lesson II- How To Read Your Customers’ Minds

  • People purchase to increase pleasure or decrease pain
  • Understanding how your product increases pleasure or decreases pain reduces guilt or fear of selling because you realize just how valuable your product is
  • If your product isn’t valuable, give up now- fix your product before proceeding
  • Taking time to list out customer demographics & psychographics helps you understand who you’re selling to
  • You need a single sentence mission statement that clearly defines who you are, who your customer is, and how your product helps the customer
  • The mission statement aligns all business activities by forcing you to re-evaluate each activity to see if it aligns with your single objective
  • When an ideal customer doesn’t purchase your product, it’s likely because the value of “increasing pleasure or decreasing pain” wasn’t clearly communicated & understood
  • A great refund policy reduces fear around purchasing
  • Almost all sales problems are a direct result of not clearly communicating your product’s value

Lesson III- #1 Secret To Crushing the Competition like Ants

  • Understanding the lifetime value of a customer, or at least the value of a customer by month 2, 3, 4, etc. is critical to running successful ads in case ad costs are high
  • Knowing your #’s helps you determine just how much you can afford to spend to acquire one new customer. The number will be higher than you think, and you will destroy competitors who are focused on making short-term cash
  • You of course need cash to sustain yourself while you wait to turn a profit in months 1+ away from when the customer is first acquired.
  • If you don’t have cash you can create a mini-product to break-even instantly and profit faster
  • You can also leverage up-sells and other techniques to increase the average order value
  • The key to crushing the competition is focusing on the medium or long-term. By understanding your numbers you can launch ads that aren’t profitable now, but profitable later.

Lesson IV- How To Create Flawless Ads

  • Most ads fail due to a lack of testing- people are too stubborn and unwilling to test
  • Persistence is key… Never give up
  • Resolve to succeed because you can on any platform
  • Don’t be a perfectionist- everyone creates awful ads
  • Pick one advertising platform and master it. Don’t spread yourself & your ad budget too thin. Only switch when you’re capped out on revenue from that platform
  • Avoid sensationalist articles about your ad platform (ie. Facebook) dying because 99% of it is BS hype
  • Test, test, test everything. Start with very small ad budgets and increase slowly once you find a specific ad combination that works
  • Using the testing mindset combined with the lifetime value of a customer allows you to crush the competition like ants

Lesson V- Solving the Marketing Puzzle

  • Ethical Marketing is the process of communicating your product’s true value to people who might need it
  • If you truly understand the value of your product, you can feel confident growing and “selling” because you aren’t taking from anyone but instead giving value
  • Focus on providing value to people above everything else. Profit comes only from giving value
  • When an ideal customer doesn’t purchase, it’s because YOU didn’t communicate the true value of your product
  • Sometimes people aren’t prepared to handle growth. Don’t grow too fast
  • Mental sabotage is a sneaky, little-known cause of failure. Be careful about your mental reality (research: lottery winners & rich athletes going crazy + bankrupt)
  • Business infrastructure must be prepared to handle growth also
  • Don’t get too attached to something that works. Stay humble, keep testing- the process is what brings you success.
  • Deep work & flow are key to success. Don’t diversify too many marketing channels or do “derp work.” Focus on what gets results, period.

Book Recommendations

Now time for some book recommendations! With the entire course recapped you’ll see how each book fits into the content of the course and expands upon what you’ve already learned.

  1. How To Write Copy That Sells- great little book that teaches you all about ads
  2. Dotcom secrets- exceptional book that expands upon many of the long-term marketing strategies I described
  3. Expert secrets- haven’t read it yet, just bought it but it appears to expand upon Dotcom secrets
  4. E-myth revisited- a must-have for business owners. Teaches you all about systemizing your business. This is a MUST-READ!!!
  5. 4 Hour Work Week- teaches you about efficiency & delegation. Also a bit of automation. Very inspiring as well
  6. Flow & Deep Work- two book recommendations in one. I haven’t fully read either book ironically, but I hear they’re great. I’ve learned the concepts and that’s all you need to know
  7. Think & Grow Rich- the classic self-help book. I’m iffy about recommending this actually… The reason for it is because there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this book and there’s a lot of weird fluff inside
  8. The Science of Getting Rich- I prefer this one. Every page is golden. Make extra-sure to get an unedited version because sometimes people like to edit it in their own words and thus ruin everything.
  9. The Great Pain Deception- a random health book tossed into my reading list. Why? Because often “illness” is a by-product of the mind. Be extra vigilant that you aren’t self-sabotaging…
  10. 10 Pillars of Wealth- great book, every page is valuable and it’s about wealth creation- again a lot of concepts here outlined
  11. Who moved my cheese- cute little book about the power of belief & persistence

Online Course Recommendations

Like I’ve said before Udemy is great for starting out on anything. Buy some Udemy courses for video ads, ads in general, and whatever ad platform you choose to use.

A lot of the content is mundane & repetitive because it is low-level. But the low-level stuff builds a strong foundation for advanced strategies.

YouTube / Podcast Recommendations

  1. Alex Becker- exceptional videos regarding digital marketing and especially email marketing
  2. Dan Lok- great sales information
  3. Tim Ferriss- interesting podcasts, this dude is obsessed with efficiency

Moving Forward

I hope you will find these suggestions useful and can purchase at least one new book that pushes you further along in your success!

I will continue to send you valuable Emails until you request to stop, and always feel free to hit “reply” and let me know what you think.

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