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Final Chance to Apply!


Hey there! It’s Michael (:

I just wanted to let you know that now is the final chance for you to apply to hire me.

With new applications coming in I can only accept so many new students & companies to work with.

Providing legitimate value to people is my priority, so if you’d like me to take over your digital marketing or get direct coaching then you need to apply now before the spots fill up.

If you procrastinate now then you may have to wait 3-4 months until I’m prepared to take on new clients.

You should hire me if:

  • You want to supercharge the growth of your business
  • You want marketing results now- I can save you time, money, and energy
  • You want to learn 9x faster than if you were to try to learn it yourself
  • You want to create exceptional products & customer service (let me free up time from marketing so you can do just that!)

I guarantee exceptional results to all my clients & coaching students. If you have any questions hit “reply” and feel free to ask.

Your success is my mission.

If your application is accepted we will schedule a video call where you will receive a personalized marketing strategy on the spot that is guaranteed to get great results for you.

If rejected, that’s okay- I’ll still make sure to write you giving some personalized tips on how to grow your business so that later we can work together.

Also this isn’t just for people with established businesses. Even if you’re in the idea phase and don’t have a lot of cash, you may be still be accepted.

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