Hey there!

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re a friend of mine and you offered to review my digital course before I launch it.

Here’s the plan with this.

On 15 July I will launch some Facebook Ads for my own business (Marketing The Universe) with the goal of signing on new clients.

The ads will offer a “free training” which is what this course is. People who sign up will receive one Email per day with the entire course inside.

I might record a video version as well… (what do you think?)

I need you to review the course content, spelling, grammar, etc. and point out any errors to me. I’ll make sure to buy you a coffee or something if you can point out any big errors!

Note: at the time of me sending this out I’ll be personally reviewing the course as well, so definitely there will be small errors.

Also keep in mind that I don’t have links added onto the course yet. For example you’ll see some links like “press here to apply…” but you won’t be able to click those links. Don’t worry, I’ll add all links soon enough.

All I need you to review is the course content, flow, and spelling/grammar. I hope you find it valuable as well as I spent A LOT of time in creating this epic course.

My goal is that it helps people and encourages new businesses to hire me for their services!

Here is the menu:

Email 1: Intro email – Click HERE

Email 2: What most get wrong about marketing – click HERE 

Email 3: How To Read Your Customers’ Minds – Click HERE 

Email 4: How to crush the competition like ants – Click HERE 

Email 5: How to create flawless ads – click HERE

Email 6: Solving the marketing puzzle – click HERE 

Email 7: Course recap + Action steps – click HERE 

Email 8: Crushing the Competition (pitch) – click HERE 

Email 9: Book Recommendations – click HERE 

Email 10: Supercharge Results (pitch 2) – click HERE 

Email 11: Final Pitch Follow-up – click HERE.

Thank you!!