Entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, etc. all suffer from THIS problem: time management.

Either you’re not disciplined enough, or you’re in workaholic mode. It’s really hard to find balance.

On one hand you don’t *need* to work from a particular time frame, so it’s a bit tempting to go out, party, go on lunch meetings, etc.

On the other hand every extra minute you work could put money on the table… So the inverse problem occurs: you work all the time and neglect your social / personal needs.

What’s effective is finding a solid balance. Promise to work from X-Y hours, and then only have fun from B-C hours.

Don’t work hard enough and you lose money/get bad grades or whatever… Work too hard and you burn out or lose the joy of life.

Balance is key!

Watch my video here: https://youtu.be/rWtF6oN68NE