There are deep emotional reasons we make any decision. As a business owner, marketer, or salesperson, your mission is to uncover the deep emotional reasons someone buys your product or service and then express that to your customers.
For example, I’ve had sales prospects almost crying on the phone because I’ve uncovered the true deep emotional reasons they want to grow their business.
On the surface people want my Facebook Ads services to get more clients & sales. Sounds logical, right?
Deep down they want this so they can provide a better future for their kids, help out an elderly parent, or finally prove to themselves that they are good enough and can do it.
If you’re struggling figuring the deep emotional reasons out for your products/services, then ask yourself this:
How does your product/service INCREASE pleasure or DECREASE pain?
Almost every human action boils down to these two things. It’s why we do what we do on a day to day basis.
So- how does what you do increase pleasure for people, or decrease their pain? Give me a comment and share it!