What are the negative consequences of NOT buying your product or service?

If you have a strong, compelling reason, then your product or service will sell like crazy.

If the customer is totally okay after not purchasing your product or service, then you’re probably selling crap.

Simple example: a prospect walks into a car dealership. He’s interested in buying a car. His friend drove him to the dealership because his previous car broke down.

If the prospect does not purchase a car, these are the negative consequences:

  • More time will be wasted searching for a car
  • His friend will have to drive him around longer, potentially building up resentment if the friend is getting tired
  • If his friend can no longer drive him around, he will have to pay for a taxi, OR wait until another friend can drive him around
  • He can’t drive to cafes, parks, hiking spots, restaurants, etc. thus missing out on social meetings
  • He can’t drive to work without paying for a taxi

Can you think of 2-3 more negative consequences? Leave a comment with what you think the additional negative consequences would be!

As you can see, this creates a much more compelling reason for the prospect to purchase a car.

Not only will he be getting the benefits of having a car, but he’ll be removing all of the downsides that not having a car has. Removing those downsides are often far more compelling reasons to purchase than the positive attributes.

Another way to reframe this is: what PROBLEM are you solving with your product?

The car solves time, speed, and energy issues for us humans. It reduces loneliness because we can drive to parties & social gatherings. And so on.

What do you think about this? What are the negative consequences NOT buying your product/service has on the buyer?