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“I was BLOWN away… Over-exceeded my expectations by far… THANK YOU!”

Joe Carroll is a real estate agent in the Phoenix metro area. His team needed more leads and branding so they could take their real estate game to the next level. Michael Keller, Founder of Marketing the Universe, was able to do exactly that.

“Michael Keller’s (Founder) expertise has been quintessential in getting us on the right track.”

Ed is the businessman behind “Ownage Pranks,” the #1 YouTube Prank Calling channel in the world! With YouTube de-monetizing videos, they needed help with setting up sales processes, and email marketing was their avenue. Michael Keller (Founder of Marketing The Universe) helped with this, and continues to provide support to Ed & his team. Click here for the case study.

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Case Study: $1.69 Leads 

How To Get More Leads Than You Know What To Do With

EpiBuild is an agency that builds software for other companies. They had the sales team, the software skills, and the drive- but no leads.

That’s where Marketing The Universe came in to save the day. Our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process is proven to work.

Within 1 month of working with us EpiBuild had more leads than they knew what to do with; their sales team wasn’t prepared to handle this!

Below is a picture of their Facebook Ads Manager. The Phase III campaign successfully got leads at about $1.69 per lead.

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Case Study: $1.69 Leads

What You Can Expect

As soon as you press “Hire Us,” your business will be changed forever.

We will first schedule an online meeting to get to know you and your business. Together we’ll determine if we’re a good match. If we think you’re a good fit for our service then you will receive a detailed demonstration on our Secret Facebook Ads process & other personalized tips for your situation.

Don’t worry- there’s very little work we will ask of you. You’ll sit back & relax while we get your results for you.

All we need from you is a little information about your business, product(s), and current sales process. We put in all the work towards creating & editing ad images, ad copy, ad videos, targeting, and optimizing the campaigns. We only demonstrate the process so you feel certain in what we’re doing.

You can expect to see consistent, exceptional results within 30 days of working with us. You can receive updates as often as you’d like.

Our mission is to provide clients with advertising campaigns that get them the results they want.  If this sounds exciting to you, press “Hire Us” so we can begin our journey together!

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