Case Study: $1.69 Leads 

How To Get More Leads Than You Know What To Do With

EpiBuild is an agency that builds software for other companies. They had the sales team, the software skills, and the drive- but no leads.

That’s where Marketing The Universe came in to save the day. Our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process is proven to work.

Within 1 month of working with us EpiBuild had more leads than they knew what to do with; their sales team wasn’t prepared to handle this!

Below is a picture of their Facebook Ads Manager. The Phase III campaign successfully got leads at about $1.69 per lead.

Here’s How We Did It

Based on our Secret 3-Step Process. We also used other secret strategies not shared on this website. Get your free demonstration to learn more. 

Phase I: Testing

We first tested all kinds of media, ad copy, targeting options, and more. No marketer can accurately predict 100% of the time which ad is best, so it’s important to test some things first.

They didn’t get any results for the first $50 spent, which is okay. We don’t want to get results in the testing phase- we want data. With the right data we can create effective ads targeted to the right audience. In the long-term this keeps your campaign extremely affordable.

In this screenshot you can see for example we have “video 1 copy 1, video 2 copy 2,” etc.

Phase II: Cold-Targeting

Once we knew which ads would work best, we launched their cold-targeting campaign. A cold-targeting campaign is one which shows ads to people who have never heard of or seen your business before.

This campaign ended up getting 43 leads at $8.26 per lead, which is great for their niche.

Now you might be sitting there wondering: “if the Phase III campaign was so much cheaper, why didn’t you just run that first?” The reason is we can’t launch the Phase III campaign until we have even more data which we collect during the Phase II campaign.

We continuously monitored & updated the campaigns as needed. Once we had enough data, we proceeded with Phase III.

Phase III: Custom Targeting

Once we had enough data, we were able to have Facebook’s AI optimization analyze all of our leads to figure out which people on Facebook were very much like our current leads (but not our leads). This means that we could launch a cold-targeting campaign to people that were the most likely to turn into a lead.

This is also referred to as “custom targeting.” Instead of testing different interests, we’re using our own data from our own Pixel data received from website views, lead info, email lists, and page engagement.

Their final cost per lead in Phase III was $1.69 per lead. Take a look at this screenshot here:

This campaign performed exceptionally well and started getting too many leads for EpiBuild to handle. At an ad budget of just $35 per day they were receiving 20 leads per day. Very quickly they were overwhelmed and needed to pause things to figure out their own sales team.

When they’re ready to re-launch this campaign, they will continue receiving leads at about $1.69 per lead.

Imagine getting leads at $1.69 per lead- what would that do for your business? With Marketing The Universe, that’s possible. Press any of the “Hire Us” to get your free demonstration on how we can do this for you!

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