Stop making assumptions. Start conducting tests.

Nothing in business (or life?) is as it seems. All because everyone says something is true doesn’t make it true (though it does make it convincing).

If I had a dollar for every time someone made a business-related assumption without data to back it up, I’d be more than retired.

“My market XYZ. This ad will work because ABC. Bla bla bla”

What makes you so certain about it? People arrogantly claim to know everything, yet their marketing campaigns fall flat.

In a world with so much knowledge + ease of distribution, it is easy to become confused, or to embrace faulty beliefs.

The solution is simple: the Scientific Method. Here’s how:

Create a hypothesis. For example, “this marketing campaign will perform better than the other campaign because [reason].”

Then launch a test. After the test, measure the results.

If one input yielded a significantly higher output than the other, then it indicates statistical significance- meaning that the hypothesis could be right (or not).

If that happens, re-test again to verify results remain the same.

Rinse & repeat until you succeed.

You can really do this with everything in life, too.

Instead of TALKING TALKING TALKING about theory, why not put your hands in the mud and start testing?

A lot of your tests will “fail,” but you’ll become more grounded, and as you become more grounded your theories will become more accurate.

In short, stop guessing, stop thinking, stop assuming- just test and KNOW.