Specialty Services

Additional services that get our clients results

Our core service is exceptional Facebook Ads that get you leads, sales, and/or branding. We also provide specialty services to compliment our Facebook Ad, or in some cases these services are provided absent of Facebook Ads.

What we provide for you depends on what you want and what your goals are. For example, in our free demonstration we suggest a certain list of services based on your needs. Our end goal is to get you results, so we do what’s necessary to do that.

Here are some additional services we provide for clients:

Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Blog Writing, and Copywriting 

We bundled this all together because they all relate to each other. Some clients need some of these services in order for their product/service to best sell, or for the maximum number of leads to be obtained.

For example when we acquire a new lead it’s imperative that an email sequence begins automatically following up on them. This improves your conversion rate. Or maybe you’re selling a product, and then through email marketing you can request an up-sell later.

You could also have a huge email list (and our work often grows your email list as a by-product) and need someone to create content to keeps that audience warm for promotions down the line. On average you should make $1 per email per month, so if you have an email list of 3,000 people, you should expect to make $3,000 per month just off of that email list.

Landing pages or sales pages are pages that either promote a product or collect people’s contact information. Sometimes we use Facebook’s built-in lead forms, but other times we experiment with landing pages. It is all client-specific and depends on what will get you the best results.

Copy-writing is a fancy of saying “words that sell.” We write the ad copy, landing page copy, etc. so that you can focus on your part of the business.

Finally we also provide blog writing. This may be for branding purposes, such as keeping people on the website longer or promoting the blog post to your social media audience. It could also aid in sales- for example we may launch a Facebook ad promoting a blog post, but then re-target people that read the blog post with a product.

Social Media Management, Posting, and Growth

We can also grow your social media accounts such as your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We focus primarily on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in that order because these are the 3 main platforms that tend to get our clients results.

Our social media focus revolves primarily around increasing engagement and then promoting links to your website and/or product. This service is great for branding purposes as sales/leads are a bit more difficult to track.

Social media management & growth can be a great add-on for some clients that also need to expand their branding and get public awareness.

For example, here’s how Wildlife x Team became the #1 most-liked page in their niche.

Amazon Ads  & Marketing

We also can run advertisements on Amazon, update ad copy, and increase your Amazon sales. We have a case study of this posted.

This service is provided only to clients that already have product listings on Amazon. We can assist in testing & updating your product copywriting, but we can’t assist in listing your products on Amazon or getting your products into Amazon FBA.

We do not typically advertise or offer this service to clients, but if you sell on Amazon then we may be able to help increase your ranking & sales via Sponsored Ads!

What We Don’t Provide

Google Ads

Google Ads can be highly effective, but we have chosen to “double-down” on Facebook Ads. It’s better to be an expert in a few things than it is to understand each platform generically.

Search Engine Optimization

While we do provide blog writing, it is for content purposes only. We can only do basic SEO (like editing meta title & description). We do not do advanced SEO such as backlinking, SEO research, and trying to rank blog articles or web pages on Google.

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to ask them in your free demonstration when you press “Hire Us.”

Ultimately our end goal is to get you results. The means- whether it be Facebook Ads, social media, or something else- is not as relevant if you are growing your business successfully.

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