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Our core service is exceptional Facebook Ads that get you leads, sales, and/or branding. We also provide specialty services to compliment our Facebook Ads such as Email marketing & social media management.

Imagine getting qualified leads at $1.69 per lead, or going from 20k likes to 385k likes on your Facebook page. What would that do for your business?

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Our Secret Formula Explained 

Not everyone knows what they’re doing with Facebook Ads- but we do.

Our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process is simple and guaranteed to satisfied. Here’s how we do it:

Phase I: Testing

Not even the most experienced marketers in the world can predict which ad copy & images will best satisfy the market. We remain humble in knowing that to get great results you must first test countless variations of ads to figure out what works.

Unlike TV ads, Facebook Ads are affordable to test- and we will test countless variations to best determine what works. “Variations” include differences in ad targeting, ad image/video, and ad copy. It also includes ad placement such as Facebook or Instagram (Instagram is owned by Facebook and so “Facebook Ads” also includes Instagram).

In Phase I we create as many possible variations to the ad as possible and we put a small budget behind each ad to collect data.

This data is then analyzed. Now we will understand which images, ad copy, and targeting resonates best with your business.

While we sometimes get good results on Phase I, it is not expected and it is not the goal. It is more affordable long-term to spend a bit of the budget on testing first and then launch highly effective ads than it is to launch mediocre ads from the get-go.

Our goal first is data so that your campaigns are infinitely more effective down the line.

Phase II: Cold-Targeting

Now that we know who to target and what ads to show them, we launch the “cold-targeting” campaigns. Cold-targeting is when we show ads to people that don’t know about your business yet.

Because these people have never seen or heard of you before they sometimes need to see multiple ads before they are ready to convert. Cold-targeting allows you to reach new prospects and get leads, sales, or page engagement from them.

You can expect good results by step 2. Leads will come in. Sales will be made. Your page will grow.

We continuously optimize the cold-targeting campaigns so that they remain as affordable as possible.

Phase III: Custom Targeting

Custom targeting is when things get exciting, and we go from “good results” to “exceptional results.” To get to Phase III it requires some patience as we must collect data from the cold-targeting campaigns first. You will reach Phase III faster with a higher ad budget.

Phase III has 2 parts: custom cold targeting & re-targeting ads.

Custom cold targeting is like Phase II except way more affordable. For example, we recently launched an ad campaign that got leads for $8.26 per lead for a client. This is great, but what is exceptional is we got even better leads in Phase III at $1.69 per lead.

“Cost per lead” means the average cost that you spend to get one lead. For example, if you have 25 leads at $1.69 per lead, then you spent $42.25. The better the targeting, ad copy, and ad creative, the less you spend to get a lead- or the more qualified the lead is.

Here’s how custom cold targeting works: when we run ads in Phase II we use Facebook’s data to target the ads. If you’re selling yoga pants, we would target people that engage with yoga-related pages. With custom targeting we use our own unique data & optimization to target ads.

We use Facebook’s AI system to track people that buy from you, and then we create a “custom targeting” option of those people. Facebook scans your list of customers and finds people that match them as close as possible, which is much better than targeting people that like a specific page.

For example, we can upload your Email list, track page engagement, track people who watched a video of yours, track website visitors, and more!

We will explain this better in our free demonstration, which you can get by clicking HIRE US anywhere.

Phase III also involves Re-targeting Ads. Have you ever Googled a product, only to notice that suddenly every ad on the internet is related to that product? That’s the beauty of re-targeting, but we take it to the next level.

Let’s say someone purchases from you. We can then re-target them later with another product or up-sell. If someone adds to cart but doesn’t purchase, we can remind them to purchase.

Re-targeting ads are great for prompting people to finish filling out that lead form, complete the sale, or at the very least engage with our page.

Phase III is when your ad results become exceptional. $8.26 per lead is good, but $1.69 for the same lead & quality is exceptional.

It takes some time & money to reach Phase III. We must wait until we have enough data to properly optimize an ad- data which we collect during Phase II. Once we get there, not even the sky is the limit!

This isn’t our only Facebook Ads strategy. We have a whole playbook of tricks that get you results!

When you press “Hire Us” you will be given a FREE demonstration of how we can help you out. We will also show you our other secret strategies that aren’t here on the website.

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Case Study: $1.69 Leads 

How To Get More Leads Than You Know What To Do With

EpiBuild is an agency that builds software for other companies. They had the sales team, the software skills, and the drive- but no leads.

That’s where Marketing The Universe came in to save the day. Our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process is proven to work.

Within 1 month of working with us EpiBuild had more leads than they knew what to do with; their sales team wasn’t prepared to handle this!

Below is a picture of their Facebook Ads Manager. The Phase III campaign successfully got leads at about $1.69 per lead.

Here’s How We Did It

Based on our Secret 3-Step Process. We also used other secret strategies not shared on this website. Get your free demonstration to learn more. 

Phase I: Testing

We first tested all kinds of media, ad copy, targeting options, and more. No marketer can accurately predict 100% of the time which ad is best, so it’s important to test some things first.

They didn’t get any results for the first $50 spent, which is okay. We don’t want to get results in the testing phase- we want data. With the right data we can create effective ads targeted to the right audience. In the long-term this keeps your campaign extremely affordable.

In this screenshot you can see for example we have “video 1 copy 1, video 2 copy 2,” etc.

Phase II: Cold-Targeting

Once we knew which ads would work best, we launched their cold-targeting campaign. A cold-targeting campaign is one which shows ads to people who have never heard of or seen your business before.

This campaign ended up getting 43 leads at $8.26 per lead, which is great for their niche.

Now you might be sitting there wondering: “if the Phase III campaign was so much cheaper, why didn’t you just run that first?” The reason is we can’t launch the Phase III campaign until we have even more data which we collect during the Phase II campaign.

We continuously monitored & updated the campaigns as needed. Once we had enough data, we proceeded with Phase III.

Phase III: Custom Targeting

Once we had enough data, we were able to have Facebook’s AI optimization analyze all of our leads to figure out which people on Facebook were very much like our current leads (but not our leads). This means that we could launch a cold-targeting campaign to people that were the most likely to turn into a lead.

This is also referred to as “custom targeting.” Instead of testing different interests, we’re using our own data from our own Pixel data received from website views, lead info, email lists, and page engagement.

Their final cost per lead in Phase III was $1.69 per lead. Take a look at this screenshot here:

This campaign performed exceptionally well and started getting too many leads for EpiBuild to handle. At an ad budget of just $35 per day they were receiving 20 leads per day. Very quickly they were overwhelmed and needed to pause things to figure out their own sales team.

When they’re ready to re-launch this campaign, they will continue receiving leads at about $1.69 per lead.

Imagine getting leads at $1.69 per lead- what would that do for your business? With Marketing The Universe, that’s possible. Press any of the “Hire Us” to get your free demonstration on how we can do this for you!

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We’d love to add you here as another case study! We succeeded through our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process which is almost guaranteed to work for you also.

Here’s what you can expect when you press “Hire Us.”

We will first schedule an online meeting to get to know you and your business. Together we’ll determine if we’re a good match. If we think you’re a good fit for our service then you will receive a detailed demonstration on our Secret Facebook Ads process & other personalized tips for your situation.

Don’t worry- there’s very little work we will ask of you. You’ll sit back & relax while we get your results for you.

All we need from you is a little information about your business, product(s), and current sales process. We put in all the work towards creating & editing ad images, ad copy, ad videos, targeting, and optimizing the campaigns. We only demonstrate the process so you feel certain in what we’re doing.

You can expect to see consistent, exceptional results within 30 days of working with us. You can receive updates as often as you’d like.

Our mission is to provide clients with advertising campaigns that get them the results they want.  If this sounds exciting to you, press “Hire Us” so we can begin our journey together!

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