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Crushing the Competition: Ready or Not?


Hey there! It’s Michael.

Congratulations on completing my course! I hope that you’ve learned a lot and gained a ton of value from it.

Tomorrow I’ll be sending you a list of recommended book reads & YouTube channels that support a lot of what I’ve taught you. Look out for that!

Implementing the course content will allow you to dominate digital marketing & crush the competition- almost literally. You will become an unstoppable force and your competitors will stand by scratching their head, unknowing to what you’ve done.

I’d like to make an offer for you- maybe we can do this together.

Right now I am accepting applications for new businesses & individuals who are interested in letting me take over their marketing or receiving coaching/teaching.

Here’s why you might want to do this:

  • Letting me handle your marketing frees up time to improve your products, handle customer service, and put in the work of growing your business
  • You can save time & money and instead let the expert (me) handle it
  • You can learn 15x faster by receiving direct coaching

But there’s a problem. I don’t sign on just anyone, and I don’t sign on more than a couple clients or coaching students at a time.

There’s a reason for that. Do you remember in a previous lesson when I said that you should be careful as to not grow too fast? That’s why.

If I were to take on 10 new clients right now I wouldn’t be able to sustain the same quality of my work- everyone would be upset!

Quality is of the utmost importance for both of us. In fact I’ve serviced big-name brands such as “Ownage Pranks” and “Wildlife x Team International.” Don’t believe me? Click HERE to see some testimonials.

For this reason I have an application form to weed out those who aren’t serious about making a legacy.

If you’re interested in applying to hire me as your digital marketer or receive coaching, click HERE now.

You will arrive at a form and must fill out everything entirely AND press “submit.” Once this is complete I will get back to you within a couple days.

I want to make your dream a reality. I want us to change the world together. I want us to profit together.

Let me take over your digital marketing and get you epic results fast while you focus on the other parts of your business. Together we can grow faster than alone.

The free course I sent you over the past week is just the tip of the iceberg of my digital marketing knowledge. Clients & coaching students get access to my full list of proven strategies, tactics, and other secrets that almost no one else knows.

Here are some bonuses you get by working with me:

  • Access to top-secret strategies that profit absurdly
  • Guaranteed measurable increase in sales & leads
  • A top-level marketer who puts clients first

Everything I’ve taught you about I do for my own clients- and then some! The results will blow you away.

Click HERE now to be taken to the application link.

What if you aren’t qualified? Well, don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you even take a step!

If you aren’t qualified to work with me I will still continue giving you value in some way. I will personally give you some personalized suggestions tailored just for you that will help you get to the point where we can work together.

Your success is my mission. Something I’ve learned in my years as a marketer that the key to success is in helping everyone else succeed.

What happens if you’re qualified?

If you’re qualified then I’ll invite you to schedule a video call with me (or we can do voice if you prefer to remain mysterious).

You’ll get to ask me anything, and I will create a custom strategy for your business on the spot. I will share with you other secret tactics & strategies that only a very few people know.

I don’t like games or BS. You ask a question and I give a straight answer. No fluff. I’m all about results and I know you are too.

Also, just like the words I preach I offer a money-back guarantee to. We’ll talk about that on the call if you’re worried.

I guarantee exceptional results or I don’t get paid. Period. You come first- let me get you results so awesome you leave a tip, too.

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, of course. I won’t contend against that.

But you have to ask yourself if that’s what you really want. Is it worth it to you to spend months or years studying digital marketing to get to my level, when you could just pay me a small amount to get results for you now?

Is it worth studying for 6 months when I could teach you the same in 2 months?

I’ve wasted money, created terrible ads, and messed up bad. By hiring me you’re getting those mistakes out of the way; your business as a whole instantly get years of advanced digital marketing experience.

More importantly than all of that you can focus your time & energy on what matters most: your business operations, growth, employees, infrastructure, products, and customer support.

Too many business owners stretch themselves mad thin. It makes no sense. They run around working 90 hour work weeks jerking off on how hard they work yet make no progress.

The problem is that they’re trying to be an everything-man. What would happen to your life if you tried to mine your own oil, grow your own livestock, and build your own house?

The key to wild profits is focusing hard on what you’re great at and combining other great people with that.

You make epic products. Your assistant handles customer support with excellence. And I handle your digital marketing like a champ.

Alone you can do each thing okay, but by allowing people to specialize in what they’re best at our skills combine to get exponential results. We all earn more together than we possibly could alone!

Can I really get you results?

The answer is yes. But don’t take my word for it. Click HERE, send in the application, and let me blow you away on the video call.

If you have any fears or worries you can address them to me there. In fact I’d encourage that.

Alternatively you can hit “reply” to this Email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can personally.

Ready or not?

I’m looking forward to viewing your application and potentially meeting you! Remember that even if we aren’t a good fit, I will still continue to send you valuable tips & information until you prefer not to. Tomorrow you will receive a great book list.

If you aren’t ready now, that’s totally okay too. Let me know how I can help you and I’ll do my best to (:

Let’s review real fast.

  • Hiring me saves time, money, and effort when it comes to succeeding in your marketing campaigns
  • Hiring me allows you to focus on creating a better business while an expert (me) handles your marketing
  • I will only accept so many new clients at a time, so apply fast before your spot gets lost for another few months

If you have any questions feel free to send me an Email!

Click HERE for the application.



P.S. Remember to look out for tomorrow’s free reading list suggestions.

P.P.S. Even if you don’t think you’re qualified to give it a shot. If you’re worried about whether or not I can actually help you, fill out the application and let me give you some free, personalized tips after!

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