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How To Supercharge Results


Hey there! Michael again.

Is it possible to 9x the rate of growth in your business? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actively visualize the progress you’re making?

I can do just that for you.

You see, most people are going about business the wrong way. They’re doing a million things at once but not going deep on anything.

The key to success is in the depth you go. Ferrari makes exceptional cars, not your typical every day street car.

The thing is though, most people don’t know how to go deep enough to get those exceptional results.

There are a few different ways to go about that.

Persistence & Commitment

One key ingredient is persistence when times are tough and commitment to be excellent no matter what.

If you want to create a legacy, take out a sheet of paper right now and write down “I resolve to be excellent at [your niche].”

Before you write this down, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re serious.

Resolving to be excellent in a niche is an intense commitment. There will be times where you want to have a drink, or go home early, or just stop working. But in your heart you will know you have to carry on.

On the plus side this commitment will fill you with a passion to create immensely valuable products & services.

As long as you continuously re-create the “increasing pleasure” and “decreasing pain” lists I told you about in the course, you’ll know that what you’re doing is valuable to the world and thus be filled with a passion.

Sometimes it’s not about the work you do- it’s about how you do it.

Realize that you are helping others in business by providing them with solutions to their problems or desires.


I’m a digital marketer and could focus on all kinds of advertising platforms- instead I choose to commit only to Facebook.

The reason for this is because it allows me to go deeper on Facebook Ads; the extra time spent on Facebook Ads Manager allows me to become exponentially better than all my competitors.

Most people only invest so much time in Facebook Ads because they also are trying Google Ads and all kinds of other platforms.

The truth is many things work. But commitment to one thing allows you to experience massive success.

How does this apply to your business? Maybe instead of trying to create 3 different types of products in multiple niches you decide to become the go-to product in one niche.

By creating one excellent product you will feel more fulfilled and passionate because you know you are doing something legitimately valuable to consumers. You aren’t trying to make a quick buck; you’re interested in changing the world one sale at a time!

You only have so much time & energy. Focus on doing a few things excellent rather than many things mediocre.

The same is true of task delegation- hire an assistant to do menial, repetitive work. Save your brain for the stuff that truly counts.

You could for example also hire me as your digital marketer. To apply, click HERE.

By hiring me you would have an expert instantly take over your digital marketing so that you can focus on making your product excellent. Together we’d make more than if we both went at it alone!

Focus on being excellent, not on being wide. It is those that go deep that explore the never before seen parts of the sea.


Sometimes belief is all you need. That’s why in yesterday’s Email I suggested “The Science of Getting Rich.”

There have been all kinds of studies down on a part of the brain called the “reticular activating system.” In short it filters out information from the world and only shows you what is important… or aligns with your beliefs.

For example, what is everything you hear now? Take a moment to really take it in.

What do you see around you? Take another minute and be specific.

What are you touching? Are you standing or sitting, and how does the ground/chair/whatever feel?

What is the temperature of the room?

What are you thinking?

What’s going on emotionally inside you?

As you can see there are a million thoughts happening all at the same time but odds are you’re only aware of a few things.

If you don’t believe you can succeed then you won’t see success, even if it’s right in front of you.

Alternatively if you believe you can succeed then you’ll find opportunity even in the most difficult situations! The reason for this is because your “RAS” (reticular activating system) will be working in your favor.

For a cute little inspiring book on this check out “Who Moved My Cheese.” Odds are it’s in a bookstore near you and takes maybe an hour to read inside the store.

Or… Hire Me!

Another way you can supercharge your results is by hiring me!

Let me handle your digital marketing or provide direct coaching to you.

To apply for this click HERE now.

Here’s what happens when you hire me:

  • You get an expert to handle your digital marketing- results are guaranteed, there is 0 risk to you
  • You can focus on other aspects of business. Together we supercharge your growth
  • You can save time, money, and energy that would otherwise be wasted in you trying to figure out digital marketing yourself

The entire course I sent you was written by me. While it may seem to be content-packed, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of my knowledge in digital marketing.

By hiring me you can access to elite-level information. You get guaranteed results.

Keep in mind though that I’m only accepting so many new clients or coaching students. You need to APPLY NOW before I fill up and refuse new applicants for a few months until I adjust to the growth.

If your application is accepted then we will get to video call and I’ll create a strategy that will work for you on the spot. You’ll get a deeper demonstration of all my digital marketing knowledge, and more importantly how it will be applied to get you the results you seek.

If you aren’t accepted, that’s okay also. I’ll personally give you some tips to improve from where you’re at so that one day we can work together.

My mission is your success! Apply now by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions, hit “reply” and feel free to ask.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you,


P.S. Again here is the link to apply: (CLICK ME)

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