Case Study: Amazon Ads

How To Dominate a Niche With Your Product 

We have worked on several Amazon ad accounts successfully. We now focus primarily on Facebook Ads, but we can help you with Amazon Ads if you also would like help on that.

Our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process also works on other platforms such as Amazon & Google, and the following screenshots are proof of it. You can search up the products we’ve worked on as well, such as “JBW Watches” for proof on Amazon itself!

We are demonstrating this case study to illustrate our extensive knowledge & results when it comes to digital marketing as a whole.

Here’s How We Did It

Our 3-Step Facebook Advertising Process can be applied to Amazon as well! 

In Phase I we test different keywords to show the ads on to see what performs best. We also let Amazon auto-optimize the product because this shows us what keywords Amazon thinks the product should rank on.

If we are selling “watches” but Amazon decides to advertise the product under “belts” or something random like that, then we know that we need to adjust the product SEO otherwise it will organically rank for the wrong keywords.

After running the test ad campaigns, we analyze which keywords performed best and adjust the campaign for Phase II. We also may adjust the product copy-writing or SEO.

Amazon Ads are easier to run than Facebook Ads, and so we can pass through the Testing Phase I in just a few days unlike Facebook which requires usually more time to test. If however the product listing is poor, then the testing phase can take significantly longer as an entire sales page (or the product page) must be modified in order to sell the product.

In Phase II we launch the “cold-targeting” campaign, which is a bit different for Amazon. We essentially advertise the product to the product keywords that perform the best, and at this stage we are also playing around with the search engine optimization of the product listing so that it naturally ranks for the keywords that are selling.

This is when profit starts getting made. Take a look at the advertising dashboards. This is what Phase II looks like.

For Phase III in Facebook Ads, we use custom targeting in order to greatly reduce the cost per sale or cost per lead. We do not have this option in Amazon, however there is still a Phase III.

In Phase III of Amazon Ads we adjust the product copy, images, description, etc. in order to see what converts best for the product. It’s imperative to continuously test this. We may also go back into Phase I in order to see how Amazon is analyzing the product.

You see, if in Phase I Amazon analyzes the product and thinks it ranks for keywords that we don’t want the product ranking for, then it means the SEO of the product is bad and must be adjusted.

In Phase III we are trying to discover a fine balance between effective copy-writing and great SEO. Great sales pages at the expense of SEO is no good, but great SEO at the expense of a sales page that doesn’t convert is not good either.

Our goal with Phase III is to find the happy medium so that the product begins to increase in “organic rank” (which means that you need less ad-spend, as the product naturally shows up on the search page) while also having the best product page description, etc. so that it sells.

We must continuously optimize & test in order to get the best results, and Phase III for Amazon Ads can take significantly longer than Facebook Ads because SEO is a more long-term game whereas Facebook Ads gets results faster.

Once your product begins to rank organically however, it will continue to rise up (assuming your product is quality as well as customer support) and remain at the top of the search page, allowing you to dominate your niche on Amazon!

We don’t typically focus on Amazon Ads these days- Facebook ads is our specialty, however if you are selling on Amazon we can help you as well!

If you are looking for just Facebook Ads (or our other specialty services), then we hope this case study gives you a fair demonstration of our comprehension of online advertising as a whole.

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