Case Study: 385k Page Likes

How To Become the Most Liked Page In Your Niche

Wildlife x Team International is an American company specializing in wildlife removal & home restoration. For example if a wild animal breaks into your attic, they’ll remove the attic and restore the damage.

When we started working with them, they had hardly 20,000 page likes on their page. Their other page Pest x Team had 0 likes as it was just started when we were signed on. Their posts were receiving little to no engagement, reaching only a few people and getting at most 2 likes per post.

As of May 23rd, 2019 they have 76,000 page likes on Pest x Team and 385,000 page likes on Wildlife x Team. Their posts now consistently reach thousands of people every week. Creating a special group of followers also means ad costs reduce as we can build “custom targeting” from people that engage with their page.

They are currently the #1 liked page in their niche.

Here’s How We Did It

Wildlife x Team had a limited ad budget for branding, and they wanted to become the most liked page in their niche. Within less than a year they were.

We first tested different variations of ads, creative, and targeting, just like our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process. Once we found what worked we targeted the right users who were most likely to engage with Wildlife x Team. Soon Wildlife x Team was exploding with likes, engagement, and positive branding.

We also had to curate daily content that would engage their current users. If your content is deemed “not valuable” by Facebook’s algorithm (based on how many people engage with your post compared to how many people saw your post) then your posts will begin not showing to people.

This was Wildlife x Team’s problem: even though they started out with 20,000 followers, Facebook had decided that their posts were not valuable and so each one would show literally to just a few people.

We had to create extremely engaging ads, and even created some blog posts & videos to post on their website and YouTube channel to help increase the engagement. We constantly tracked which types of posts were performing best. Soon we were able to regularly curate content that their users engaged with, and so we kept posting that.

While we were in this process of fixing the page and getting it engagement, we didn’t focus on selling anything. Posts with links outside of Facebook automatically receive less reach than normal, and posts offering a product or service typically don’t receive much reach also. We had to focus purely on giving value before we could even consider trying to sell.

Once they started getting engagement, Facebook began showing their posts to more people. Our ads began performing better as they were becoming optimized. People started sharing the posts. All of these things created a “snowball effect” which helped them get more and more engagement.

Soon they became the #1 most liked page in their niche with hundreds of thousands of likes! We’ve been focused on providing other services to Wildlife x Team recently so their page hasn’t been growing as fast as it was, but they now sit at an epic 345,000+ page likes as of May 23rd, 2019.

Wildlife x Team International is now the #1 most liked Facebook Page in their niche. This helps them reach more people, get valuable analytics on their prospects, and have a ton of social proof on their website and during in-person meetings.

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