Case Study: Ownage Pranks

The #1 Prank Call YouTube Channel with 5+ Million Subscribers

Ownage Pranks is the #1 Prank Call channel on YouTube in the world, with over 5 million subscribers!

In the past couple of years YouTube has become more strict on the content they allow on their platform. Ownage’s pranks can be a bit extreme, and so many of his YouTube videos were getting de-monetized.

This means that they were not making money off of views because ads were turned off, or YouTube simply decided to stop paying them!

A sudden, unexpected, and large loss of revenue was not good for the team. They needed another strategy to monetize, and fast- otherwise they could go under.

That’s where Michael, Founder of Marketing The Universe, came in to save the day.

“Michael Keller’s (Founder) expertise has been quintessential in getting us on the right track.”

Here’s What We Did

We can’t share the Email marketing templates used due to confidential reasons. Here’s our explanation. You can contact Ed directly via their website to confirm proof.

Email Marketing & Automation

Ownage Pranks had a large Email list that they had collected because of their recent prank calling app. They also had several prank submissions through their website which also was an avenue of collecting Emails.

You should expect to make about $1 per email per month for any email list, though it does vary by niche. Their team had literally hundreds of thousands of emails yet they were doing nothing to make money off of it!

Our plan was to setup a weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter for different email segments- for example people that entered their email via the application, via the website, etc.

We would then also setup automations in order to filter out weak emails and new sign-ups. The goal was to get all emails into one main list, but also tag various emails based on their source, engagement, etc. so that the right email marketing campaigns would go out to the right people.

It took several months & many revisions to successfully complete the project, but we were fueled with passion as we are avid viewers of Ownage Pranks!

Why This Matters

Not everyone is ready to buy right now. It’s extremely important to nurture an Email list over an extended period of time so that you can stay fresh in people’s minds.

There are too many things we can do with an Email list, so we’ll list some of the top points here. If you schedule a FREE demonstration with us you we can talk about what we can do with your Email list (or how we can cultivate one).

Create Custom Audiences

In our Secret 3-Step Facebook Ads process we talk about how custom targeting is extremely important, and the most cost-effective form of advertising. You can upload your Email list to Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms in order to run re-targeting ads and collect analytics information.

You can run ads directly to your email list and so much more! If you have enough Email list you can create a “look-a-like” audience which is a group of people on Facebook that are like those on your Email list but not yet on your Email list.

Ads can then be ran to that group of people to grow your Email list and leverage automations to make sales.

Up-sells, Cross-sells, Down-sells

Let’s say someone purchases a product from you. We can setup an Email automation sequence that suggests another product similar to the current one or a complimentary product. Not everyone will purchase the additional offer, but Email marketing is an affordable form of marketing that yields a high ROI.


Automations are essentially emails that are sent out at specific times based on certain triggers actions. For example maybe someone fills out a contact form because they’re interested in a service. We can schedule an email to automatically send to those people, prompting them to schedule an appointment so that you don’t have to do the work of setting up the call.

It’s also great for launching an event, product, or service. Multiple email automations can be scheduled exciting people over several days and putting them more in a buying mood.

Newsletter & Nurturing

A daily, bi-weekly, or weekly newsletter is a great form of Email marketing that allows you to nurture an audience that may not yet be ready to buy. People that are not a “yes” but not a “no” can be easily converted over time by giving consistent value via free email newsletter.

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